A Bee in my Bonnet

An overnight epistle
woke me up today
Airmail delivered through a blue sky
Sender must be that
girl from Green Bay
For whom I would fight,
conquer and die.

The word is, she has blossomed since lent
All due to him with ocean-blue eyes
Gone are the nights she used to resent.
He is unequalled, above all other guys

She is equal to a
pretty day at spring
Sweet as honey, pure as milk
In my diet, she is
my favorite thing
A butterfly she is with wings of silk.

If I was sent to prison
for peddling flowers

Still, I would knock at her door,
Desperately awaiting there for hours,
Bewailing with peeled
petals on the floor



I would tie out of roses a bonnet,
There, until the dawn, I might
Slumber, humming my own sonnet
Late, much later in the night



Through stormy winters
and heartbreaking crises

I would wait for letter number two
Wait until I push up the daisies
Because I have a bee in my bonnet about you

A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004 swedishpoet.com