Love is Hard to Find

Johnny is a simple guy
He has no car
Nor does he wear a tie
though his father was a tsar



One day the bus hits the stool
Iona was behind a curve
Johnny, he felt like a fool
To say "sorry," he didn't have the nerve


Iona is a stuck up girl
She has no flair
Nor does she wear a pearl
Thus, her bosom is bare



Johnny got on the bus
Remember, he has no car
He doesn't want no fuss
Hence, he seldom travels far



Now Iona's behind has a curve
and Johnny has a dent
He will time in prison serve
despite his harm without intent



Iona is now the chair
of a department store
She's got braided hair,
silver, gold, pearls and more

Johnny never got to kiss
this stuck up chick
She never gave a piss.
To her, he was a redneck hick
Iona simply sits on her stool
She has a widening butt
although, she thinks she's cool
because her skirt is torn and cu



The moral of the story is:
Love is hard to find;
it's easy to miss,
as you get hit from behind.



A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004