Rigged in Sale

Trapped inside, caught outside
A prisoner within myself
I laundered my fortune
In a washsale tonight
Went to prison
With my amour and knight.

I twiddle my thumbs
For the flood to abide
Engulfed by all the stocks on the shelf
Waiting for the bulls and bears to hide
Upon which moment I shall complete my mission.



My shining knight and lance
Will conquer back and gain
And mischief from bull and bear
Outdo any matador of Spain
No walls and streets will stand a chance.


My vanguard is set to sail
What other option could I share
I’m the master, martyr Martha
Anchors away! Out of jail
I’m my own captain, cook and steward

A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004 swedishpoet.com