Women in Combat



What are you thinking
when up in the sky
bombs are twinkling
during the night you may die?

How are you living
your life in these days
when your children are searching
for love on runways?

What were your feelings
when your sister fell
without any greetings

into darkness and hell?
What are you thinking
deep down your soul
when your are hearing
“we just hit a goal”?


Dear, my sister
I think you do wrong
in joining our Mister,
walking dark history along.

I don’t know how well
you hear my song
but I hope you will smell
the aroma among

the flowers I’m putting
on her grave here today
to show that I’m thinking
of her every day.

and I am dreaming
when up in the sky
stars are twinkling
where paradise may lie,

that once in the future
we together will say
“here can we forever,
in happiness stay.”


A Lunde Garden of Eden
Anderson's Lumberyard
copyright © 2004 swedishpoet.com